Saturday, August 25, 2007

Things to Do in Denver When You're Coaching the Browns...

Man. Brady Quinn thought life in the NFL was tough before? Welcome to the school of extra hard knocks, rook.

Quinn had another "good performance but let's not get carried away just yet" night against the Broncos, completing 7 of 11 passes for 81 yards and the go-ahead touchdown in Cleveland's 17-16 victory. It might have looked even more impressive had Quinn's perfectly lofted fade pass to Joe Jurevicius been correctly ruled as a catch, or if Romeo Crennel had figured it was worth using a challenge in a meaningless preseason game.

At this point, Charlie Frye is clearly the #1 option for Romeo, IF he's still limiting his options to the two guys who've been competing since camp began. Quinn not only didn't regress under more competitve circumstances this week, he improved, leading what should've been two scoring drives in the second half against Denver's A-unit (after the near-miss with Joe J., the first series with ended on a missed field goal by Phil Dawson).

And yes, as you can see, not even the New Golden Boy is immune from the time-honored traditions of "close-out-the-training-camp" hazing. Quinn's crisp dome apparently didn't come without a fight, a story color commentator Bernie Kosar gleefully related to tonight's Cleveland-area viewing audience. So while we can all have a good laugh at the loss of his Madison Avenue-ready locks, what's lying in front of Romeo Crennel is no laughing matter, because Quinn didn't do much to make anybody (least of all the bloodthirsty Cleveland fan base) think he can't handle the starting job. Where's the standard 2-of-9 with a pick when you need it, eh Romeo?

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