Friday, August 03, 2007

¡Señor Profundo!

All hail the power of the mighty Señor Profundo, Juan Uribe!

The diminutive Dominican now has 2 HR and 7 RBI in his last 4 games after smoking a grand slam in tonight's key fourth-inning against the Tigers. The Sox held on for a 7-4 victory, Mark Buehrle turning in another workman's effort with 8 innings and 3 runs allowed. He claimed he had better stuff than in his 8 shutout innings from last Saturday against the Jays. Whatever, it's consecutive wins for Buehrle and puts the Sox at 50 wins for the year as of August 3.

By comparision, here's sow long did it take them to reach 50 the past 8 seasons:
  • 2006: June 27
  • 2005: June 24
  • 2004: July 22
  • 2003: July 22
  • 2002: July 28
  • 2001: July 26
  • 2000: June 30
  • 1999: August 2
So the Sox are on pace for their worst year since the infancy of the Jerry Manuel era, when they went 75-86 (the franchise's last losing campaign). The way the offense has rebounded of late, particularly Jermaine Dye to the tune of .321 with 10 HR and 18 RBI since the All-Star Break, you'd like to think the Sox can piece more wins together and claw out 82 or 83. Part of me hopes they don't so I'll be spared the gnawing feeling I had all of last offseason regarding all the chances they blew to tack on so many more wins. I'd rather be hopelessly out of it then left to contemplate any "what ifs".



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