Thursday, August 02, 2007

13 Home Runs in 2 Games...

Amazingly, the White Sox pitching staff pulled this off without surrendering tater number 500 to Alex Rodriguez. It's always something, isn't it A-Rod. Can't share the spotlight ever, can you?

The tally (with one more game to go in the series tomorrow afternoon)...

Homers Hit -

Jorge Posada - 3
Robinson Cano - 2
Shelley Duncan - 2
Hideki Matsui - 2
Derek Jeter - 1
Bobby Abreu - 1
Melky Cabrera - 1
Johnny Damon - 1

Homers Thrown -

Jose Contreras - 3
Charlie Haeger - 3
Gavin Floyd - 3
John Danks - 3
Ryan Bukvich - 1

Dear Javy Vazquez: not like it matters in the grand scheme of things (48-59, 13 games out of first) but please...make it stop.

The whole season for the Sox is starting to remind me of a Toby Ziegler quip from "In The Shadow of Two Gunmen". During the flashback, one of the President's soon-to-be-former aides snarls at Toby, "Do you enjoy losing?" Toby deadpans back, "Not really - but then I don't have a lot to compare it to."



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