Sunday, October 14, 2007


First things first - Mr. Braun, a master stroke. Couldn't have said it better myself, and for a change it was nice to hear another voice from on-high bring me up to speed on some of the hijinks missed out on. To add one additional point, Paul's victory in singles flip cup is just the start of what I predict will be a long and intense rivalry on the West Coast, right up there with Stanford-Cal's Big Game and the Dodgers-Angels Freeway Series.

Now, to more pressing matters...

College football 2007 has proven one thing, and one thing only, beyond a reasonable doubt - nothing is sacred. And no one is safe. And if we're going to be technical here please keep in mind that I'm aware that you could say those are two separate things but they no doubt have a common, unifying thread. Exhibit A: South Florida would be playing for the national title if the season ended today. That's South Florida, a school that has as many years of Division I-A existence (11) as Notre Dame does championships. The true parity, the kind we've seen in the last nine years that takes an NFL team from 4-12 to 13-3 and back to 5-11, may finally be creeping its way into the college ranks.

I would go on with stories about life in the Hollywood underworld at my current (technically former place of employment, since shooting wrapped) but I signed all the standard non-disclosure paperwork, so just stay tuned on FOX for the network's newest and hardest-hitting game show yet. Meanwhile... alluded to by Mr. Braun, traffic is as bad as its ever been in Los Angeles, and unfortunately is about to get even worse as a multi-car pileup turned "The 5" into a road on fire Friday night. The whole city is scrambling for an alternative to the loss of a crucial stretch that serves more than 200,000 automobiles per day. Maybe that guy who proposed building some mass public transit back in the 1950s and got laughed at knew what he was doing after all, City Planners of LA.

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