Thursday, July 12, 2007

Maybe You Can Have It All...

"But as the philosopher Jagger once said, you can't always get what you want." -- Dr. Gregory House

Of course, as it turns out, when you try sometimes, you get what you need.

Mark Buehrle wanted a full guarantee that he wouldn't be going anywhere for at least another 4 years. Kenny Williams balked at the idea of shielding his top pitching commodity from any type of trade over that time, figuring that you can never say never. While for the longest time it looked like this was going to kill the deal, both sides FINALLY met each other in the middle and sealed the proposed 4-yr, $56 million deal with a proviso that if Buehrle is traded in that window from Opening Day 2009 thru July 2010, a fifth year at $15 million kicks in. In essence, Buehrle will cost the Sox an extra full year of salary to trade, so Kenny better be getting somebody REAL valuable if and when that ever happens.

This is a great moment for the Sox as a franchise, because they were able to wiggle out from a tough place and now have their two most popular players (Paul Konerko and Buehrle) locked up through 2010, along with a suddenly much-improved Javy Vazquez as well as Bobby Jenks. Now Williams can turn his attention towards other areas of the roster that need to be re-tooled. In order of importance:

1) Bullpen
2) Outfield, ALL 3 Positions
3) Third Base - attempt to keep Crede, or hand the job to Fields? Make the call sooner rather than later, Ken.
4) Bullpen
5) Bullpen
6) Shortstop - at least get Uribe a personal hitting coach
7) Bullpen
8) Second Base - minors are suddenly flush with options it seems; what becomes of the Gooch?
9) Bullpen

Are you noticing a theme yet?

Buehrle's back through 2011. Insert shout of joy here.



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