Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dropping A Note...

OK, usually nothing rattles me, and that's still true, but there's something about FACEBOOK that I just don't comprehend. I won't waste your time explaining the whole thing, but it appears in one facebook photo album I've been denoted simply as "weird guy from Notre Dame".

I suppose I could be angry about this, but three things stand out: 1) I am a bit weird 2) I am a guy 3) I am from Notre Dame. So this person tossed three perfect strikes. Sometimes that's just the way things go...


- Sox buy out Frank Thomas, as expected, but will likely try to re-sign if his health issues can be cleared up. With Carl Everett already out and the possible free-agency loss of Paul Konerko, a heavy bat is still a priority even for a Defending Championship Team (Almost two weeks have gone by, and writing that sentence STILL feels good).

- Notre Dame vs. Tennessee in about an hour with Coach Weis terming the Vols "the scariest 3-4 team you'll ever face". It may sound like a deadpan, but these guys can play defense hardcore. Still, they won't scratch out enough offense to keep up. Irish win in a low-scoring affair, 20-13.



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