Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Curtain Descends...

Well, the Ticker-Tape has been swept off LaSalle Street, Halloween is right around the corner, Indiana has done it's last funky "daylight-savings-time-but-without-any-actual-time-change" thing, NFL teams are gearing up for the second half, and the buzz now is surrounding how can the Sox re-sign Paul Konerko?

That's right, the 2005 edition of White Sox coverage here at Sox-Irish is officially in the books. AND WHAT A SEASON IT WAS! The cherry on top came when I opened today's special section of the Tribune (and you know what team the Trib owns) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but: The Wrigley Field sign, with its famous "Home of Chicago Cubs" grammar, flashing a "Congratulations" to the White Sox. Game, set, and match, Southsiders.

That's all for Sox-Irish's coverage of your WORLD CHAMPIONS for this season. But we'll be back next year with wall-to-wall coverage as the Sox begin a truly foreign idea to Chicagoans: a baseball championship defense.

In other news, Charlie Weis is now set to be the highest-paid coach in all of football, locked up at ND through 2015 in an attempt to quiet those "Weis is heading back to the pros after one season" rumors. He is currently preparing the Irish to face the reeling Tennessee Volunteers this weekend...

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