Monday, November 14, 2005

3 AM Drop-In

Thanks to a less-than-perfect performance by their opponents, the Irish sit with the nation's 50th toughest schedule. My response to that? It's not Notre Dame's fault Pittsburgh and Purdue were vastly overrated, Michigan lost two games they shouldn't have, Michigan State forgot how to play defense, and Tennessee has absolutely no offense. It really isn't our fault. They schedule 'em, you play 'em. Sometimes I feel like strength of schedule is one of the sorriest ways to actually rate a team's performance.

Anyway, despite their less-than-super schedule, the Irish have a great shot at a BCS bowl berth, likely the Fiesta unless Texas slips and doesn't make the championship game. That makes the Orange Bowl the most likely destination. Either way, who would you rather have in charge of your program, Charlie Weis or Urban Meyer? Think about it.



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