Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jimbo Scanlan

After watching the video linked by Mr. Long, all I have to say is that the attention should be off Mr. Floyd and onto CDH Head Coach Mike Scanlan. That was one of the best combos of the fishing hat and grizzly beard I've seen in a while. Must serve him well during those brisk MSP winters. If he loses the accent and trades the Nook burger for some jambalaya, he could almost pass for Jimbo Scanlan.

And I wouldn't count on the Cubs acquiring either A-Rod or W. Thomas McCall, Jr. in the near future. While the Cubs pay Carlos Zambrano $12,400,000 a year, they only offered McCall a 1 year contract worth $9.00 an hour with no benefits. However, when I was interviewing at Wrigley, Zambrano did say that his wife is now pregnant, so I guess I can understand why he needs the extra cash. As for McCall (and Heidkamp...unless he's on strike with the writers)...it's back to the waves of free agency.


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