Saturday, January 03, 2009

In Which I Remember the Password to the Email Account

A quick note to start the New Year here, as Thomas & Falcron pool their talents for a report on Thursday's Winter Classic hockey game and we prep a few obligatory offseason recruiting/coaching change posts in the wake of an ND bowl victory (still sounds a bit odd, doesn't it? Get over it).

As anybody who visits the site might notice, in addition to our individual handles we also have the handy link on the side here - "Email Us" - which feeds to the generic 'Section29' GMail account. The problem of course is that for the last five months we have not been able to log in and read that account because somebody...okay, fine it was me...forgot the password. No more. After cleverly defeating the security barricades of Google, we have reopened this line of communication, and nobody was more shocked than we were to discover that people had actually written in! A few were requests to be added as links to our blogroll, which have been honored, while my personal favorite came from fellow internet journalist OC Domer the day after the Michigan game (when the blog was still going through a Blogger-server induced dark period):
Fellas -

You have NINE contributors and nobody had anything to say about the Michigan game - before or after?

Is it possible all nine of you are in serious relationships with supermodels at the same time?
You have no idea, OC. No idea. Anyway, our email link is once again open so feel free to contact the board at ""


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