Monday, June 16, 2008

And the 3 Spot Goes to...

Way back in spring practice discussions, I posed the question:
A year ago Demetrius Jones declared, "Last time I checked, no busters wore #3". We're going to pull a Mark McGwire and simply say that we're not here to talk about the past, so...who should get the hallowed Irish trois now?
Opinions varied. Today, after their arrival at campus, the updated roster with number assignments hit the newswire. And suiting up in #3 for the Irish is...

Michael Floyd. Who, as you may or may not know, went to Cretin-Derham Hall. I think Broadway and Pat already were aware. Moving down the roster...
#9 - Kyle Rudolph (TE) & Ethan Johnson (DE) -- Note: NCAA rules allow two players to share a number provided they are split between offense and defense.
#10 - Dayne Crist (QB)
#12 - Robert Blanton (DB)
#15 - Dan McCarthy (DB)
#17 - Deion Walker (WR)
#25 - Jonas Gray (RB)
#26 - Jamoris Slaughter (DB)
#36 - David Posluszny (LB)
#45 - Darius Fleming (LB)
#48 - Steve Filer (LB)
#52 - Braxston Cave (C)
#54 - Anthony McDonald (LB)
#57 - Mike Golic Jr. (C)
#73 - Lane Clelland (OL)
#78 - Trevor Robinson (OL)
#79 - Hafis Williams (DT)
#81 - John Goodman (WR)
#87 - Joseph Fauria (TE)
#89 - Kapron Lewis-Moore (DL)
#98 - Sean Cwynar (DT)
#99 - Brandon Newman (DT)
The initial reaction: here's hoping Dan McCarthy can finally lift the stigma of Clifford Jefferson which hangs over #15. That, and if Deion Walker has a fine career, a lot of people who bought Hunter Smith, Joey Hildbold, and Geoff Price jerseys will finally be able to pull them out on gameday.


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