Wednesday, December 28, 2005

White Sox Pitching Staff Roulette

Jon Garland re-ups for 3 years, $29 million.

The Sox pitching staff then breaks down as such...

MARK BUEHRLE -- signed through 2006, with an option for 2007
FREDDY GARCIA -- signed through 2007
JON GARLAND -- signed through 2008
JAVIER VAZQUEZ -- signed through 2007
BRANDON McCARTHY -- under contract through 2007

JOSE CONTRERAS -- Signed through 2006...

So the deepest pitching rotation in the majors is set with a showdown looming in spring training over who fits where. McCarthy proved in the second half of 2005 that he was ready for a permanent spot in the rotation, particularly now that Neal Cotts has settled into relief work (Setup Man of the Year, anyone?) The question is simple: Would McCarthy accept being in the bullpen for at least one more season? If he simply performs too well in Arizona to be ignored, will the Sox trade Contreras, whom they are likely to lose to free agency anyway?

So many questions in Sox World these days...



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