Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sox Make a Deal

The trade: Damaso Marte for Rob Mackowiak.

Analysis: Mackowiak, an Oak Lawn native, hit .272 with 58 RBI in 2005. Marte was 3-4 with a 3.77 ERA, but he walked 33 batters in 45 innings.

The Sox got the utility infielder they wanted alongside Pablo Ozuna and an insurance policy for Joe Crede's bad back. Marte was as good as lefthanded relievers can get in 2002-03, but control issues haunted him for the past two seasons. The guy could not handle anything resembling a pressure situation, and got on Ozzie Guillen's bad side more than once this year.

And after seeing Neal Cotts take control of the lefty reliever situation, he was expendable.

Decent move, Kenny Williams.

Another note: The Frank Thomas Era
officially ends, unceremoniously as I predicted, with the Sox declining to offer arbitration. Big Hurt, no amount of blogging words can ever express the appreciation of all true White Sox fans. What you have done for this organization will be remembered by us all.

The Big Hurt
Frank Thomas
Chicago White Sox, 1990-2005



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