Thursday, December 08, 2005


One thing I can say with total confidence is that (after this year's Basketball Ticket distribution and yesterday's Fiesta foolishness) there is no event which the Notre Dame Ticket Office cannot monumentally screw up.

Take yesterday's student lottery for Fiesta Bowl tickets. 2500 tickets were released, and yet something close to 10000 (rumored) lottery numbers were handed out. That was when some genius in the NDTO must've figured, "That basically means every student on this campus applied for a ticket. Something is amiss."

You can imagine how the conversation went from here:

NDTO Stooge #1 -- OK, 6 PM, time to draw the winning numbers.

NDTO Stooge #2 -- Don't you find it strange how we gave out more lottery numbers than there are students?

NDTO Stooge #3 -- Yeah, that is don't think somebody cheated, do you?

NDTO Stooge #1 -- Cheated?!?!? NEVER!!!!

NDTO Stooge #2 -- Although, cheating at this event would be pretty easy. I mean, we didn't even swipe ID cards. We just wrote names on little slips of paper.

NDTO Stooge #1 -- No, it was a foolproof scheme!

You get the idea. After reports of some students scamming the line seven or eight times, getting as many people with the same last name as they could to go in line, and a general debacle of a lottery process, the winning numbers were finally pulled and sent in an 2:45 AM.


George's number? 004922!! YIPPEEEE!!!

Getting tickets to this event should not be so needlessly complicated and ridiculously stupid. Have you no shame, ND Ticket Office?

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