Thursday, October 13, 2005

ND-SC Buildup

Only 52 and a half hours before kickoff. The library lawn has basically been conquered by ESPN, which has set up for Cold Pizza on Friday and GameDay on...well, on gameday.

ESPN is even televising the pep rally from ND Stadium. Is this overkill? You betcha. Do I love it? You betcha. Although I must say, this is a bit much for a school as irrelevant as Notre Dame, right Alan Grant?

Rumors continue that Bruce Springsteen or even Bon Jovi (hey, go for the gold - why not both?) may make a special cameo appearence at the rally as a display of Jersey solidarity with Coach Weis. Stay tuned.

At practice - Rhema McKnight in pads running drills at full speed. It's all hands on deck for Saturday.

SIDE NOTE - Notre Dame water polo climbed to 11th in the CWPA rankings, yet somehow #2 Michigan State and #6 Michigan (who have both lost to us) retain their spots. Be serious.



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