Friday, October 21, 2005


Hm, what's going on today...

Oh, wait, THE WHITE SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!! WOO-HOO! Game 1 pits two former Yankees, Clemens & Contreras, in a battle to see who can make The Boss feel more miserable. Tomorrow at 7:00 on Fox. Do it, ChiSox.

Charlie Weis has spent all week talking about BYU as the "home opener" of the second season. Well played, CW, well played.

The final word on ND-SC: a really kickass highlight video of the game can be downloaded here. It's a little bit slanted in ND's favor (I mean, the guy DID morph Darth Vader's helmet onto Pete Carroll's body), but no matter which team you were rooting for last Saturday, you will enjoy it. The music is John Williams' main theme from Episode III, "Battle of the Heroes". Couldn't have done it better myself.

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