Monday, September 26, 2005

Sox Close In

Long time, no blog.

Ah, who cares. We're all having a good time again in late September as the Sox take three of four from the Twinkies, get a little help from the Royals and push the lead over the smokin'-hot Indians back to 2.5 games, and lower the magic number to 5.

Much discussion centers around the White Sox struggles of the past five weeks, during which they have been a pedestrian 25-26. Cleveland, meanwhile, has won 17 of its last 20 games. That's not necessarily choking it away - it's one team running in place while the other plays out of its mind. The White Sox still have a chance to win 100 games. They are pretty much guaranteed to supplant their '93 win total (94) as well as the 2000 win total (95). If there still is a Sox "collapse" on the horizon, it ought to be credited as much to the way Cleveland won as the Sox lost it.

And in any event, they're not going to lose it.

In other news, a Tyrone Willingham team was out-coached and blown-out by three scores on Saturday. Go figure.

Huskies dispatched 36-17. On to Purdue...



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