Friday, August 26, 2005

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Big, I mean BIG news out of Southern California today. No, not the rolling blackouts.

....No, not the whole "we-hate-Schwarzenegger" thing.

....No, not another Michael Jackson arrest.

No, the big news is the shocking revelation that Matt Leinart, as a star athlete, will be taking an easy course in order to fulfill his degree requirements at USC. I suppose we could all give Leinart crap for this, but he's already one step ahead of USC's last Heisman winner, Carson Palmer, who was at USC for 5 years and still never got a degree.

Or maybe it's just the nature of the class. I mean, we're all used to seeing star athletes take things like Sports Management and Aquatics and Introduction to Music.......but Ballroom Dancing?

Maybe we've all just expected too much. When Leinart spurned the NFL millions, we figured he was striking a blow for the idea that it's okay to stay in school and do just "one more year" of work like the other 15,000 kids who won't be set for life the instant they graduate from SC. Apparently he's just tossing the pigskin around and learning how to do the rhumba.


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