Monday, August 22, 2005

12 Days of Irish Football

Damn was it a nice day in South Bend. 75 degrees, a light cool wind blowing, plenty of shade and sun, no humidity. It almost made me think I was back in L.A.

Anyway, with the Sox taking an off-day to travel to Minnesota, the attention shifts to Irish football. Charlie-Ball makes its debut in 12 days at Heniz Field. Between now and then, a look at the 12 most important things for Notre Dame to focus on this season, in my humble opinion.

12 - Expect the Unexpected

One thing which consistently bugged the hell out of people was how ridiculously easy it was to decipher a Tyrone Willingham game plan. It's not like his schemes, particularly on offense, never worked - it always seemed like Willingham was confident it would work the whole game. Much is made about "halftime adjustments", but the fact is the Irish weren't making any while their opponents were.

Weis' approach by nature is to have a new plan ready for each week. It is time to get out of a mindset that one style of play is what defines Notre Dame football. WINNING is what defines Notre Dame football. If it means running a three-tight end set one week and not using that set on the next two opponents, fine. If it means using Cover 2 exclusively against Michigan State and then putting out an 8-man front against Washington, fine.

Weis built a reputation as a superior game-planner in the NFL. The Irish need that x-and-o savvy. Make thier opponents as uncomfortable as possible. Expect the unexpected.

In related news, stud running back recruit James Aldridge - one of 12 verbals Weis has already secured - did his business in the first quarter of his Merrilville team's 82-0 spanking of East Chicago Central. Read more here

SOX WATCH - No game tonight of course, and Cleveland just put up 7 in the 7th to pretty much bury the D-Rays. Lead at 8 games, Magic # remains 32.



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