Monday, April 06, 2009

To attempt to put a traditon in words...

There are no spectators...just patrons.

There is no rough...just the first cut.

There are no chop blocks...just civilized clashes.

And there are no corporate tents...just the Butler Cabin.

As Spring starts to show its face across the country, the Masters emerges as a reminder to everyone that there is that something special about the world's best tackling Alister MacKenzie's masterpiece at the site of a former Georgia indigo plantation. The venue is unique in that the golfing world has had the chance to get to know the same track over the years - a luxury not afforded by the other three majors.

Sure - the driving range net has been raised in the last few years and additional property has been acquired to lengthen the 13th hole. And yes, as Jim Nantz reminded us 24 times during the NCAA championship, there will be "live streaming coverage" available online of all the action at Amen Corner during the 2009 tournament.

But Mr. Jones would be proud. "The National", as the locals call it, has withstood many of the pressures of the corporate 21st century. One could draw a few parallels here to Notre Dame and the attempt to preserve its unique heritage. Both at Augusta and at Notre Dame, this tradition speaks for itself...for to attempt to put it into any more words than that would be a worthless cause.

Enjoy the tournament this year.


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