Thursday, January 10, 2008

What is Ms. Johnson going to do now?

Everyone knows the line made famous by the never completed 2005 Dillon Pep Rally. No, no...It was not the good Rev. Paul Doyle, C.S.C's comment: "God made it rain because he didn't like what you gents were going to perform tonight."

The special line, or tune, that stole our hearts away was, "What would Tyrone Willingham do...if he were here today...he'd free all the animals from the zoo...that's what Ty Willingham would do..."

Well, today gents, a new question is being asked by many in the world of college football..."What would Tyrone Willingham do if he was fired by the University of Washington because an alum offered to donate $100,000 to the school in exchange for his head?" Check it out:
Hansen told the Seattle Times he never expected his e-mails to become public, but he also believes he did not do anything inappropriate. "If someone is willing to make a gift of money for a charitable purpose, they are entitled to put conditions on it. The UW is free to do what it will do, and Ed Hansen is free to make contributions to the UW if he likes the direction things are going."
Nevertheless, another question remains to be answered if UW accepts the "offer" and shows Mr. W the door...What would Chandra Johnson do?

By my accord, she is still without hair.

P.S.: As you read, the same aforementioned UW alum offered to also throw in an additional $100,000 if the Washington A.D. went out with Willingham. Now, I guess there is another bigger question to openly discuss: Would Notre Dame's Kevin "The Good Doctor" White be worth that price to show him and his aging BCS Negotiation Skills the door at Our Lady's University? Let the thoughts begin to fly gentlemen...


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