Thursday, January 17, 2008


It ain't intermurals! But it was darn close. Here are the results of the first Bishop Dunne 7th-grade basketball contest against St. Patrick's, my coaching debut:

I feel very, very nervous about 20 minutes into the game. Something about the parents being there and the size of the opposing St. Patrick Panthers didn't feel right. We go through the drills before I deliver a great pep talk. "If you argue about any call, I'll pull you. Now have fun!"

We lose the tip and St. Patrick scores after securing nearly 11 offensive rebounds. That's okay, we've been working on the Motion offense for 2-3 weeks now and run it pretty well. However, the Panthers come out in a 2-3 zone with no MAN-TO-MAN principles whatsoever. Needless to say, due to this huge coaching oversight, we limp to a slow start. After 329 offensive rebounds and 2 :30 timeouts later, we are trailing 13-3 to a bunch of white kids. From then on, we play them pretty even, and lose by a final of 29-18. The "high point-man" for the Falcons is Jordan Epps, a player with all kinds of talent but only 4'11", but might grow as he's the son of former Green Bay Packer Phillip Epps, described in August 1988 as "one of the fastest players in the NFL." (George: Insert anecdote here) Our offense consisted of chucking 3's over the zone with limited success (3 of 15 by my count) and crazy out-of-control fast-breaks. Next game is this Saturday, I'll keep you posted.

Coach Brey Report Card

Lose a lead in the second half? NO (never had the lead)
Mock turtleneck? NO (Red polo)
Make the "box out" motion before every free throw? CHECK (Man, that move is contagious.)

St. Adalbert's people, any advice?

Update: In the 2nd week of the DPL schedule, the Bishop Dunne Falcons were able to scream out to a 12-6 halftime lead and hold on for a thrilling 22-20 lead. Fortunately, these games are scheduled at the same time as the last two Irish hoops games.

Current record: 1-1
Playoffs? Squarely on the bubble.


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