Monday, January 21, 2008

Life at a non-football school

I had the pleasure of attending my first game at Cameron Indoor last week to watch the Dookies take on Virginia. The stadium itself lived up to the hype; more akin to a high-school gym than an impersonal Joyce-style bowl, whose acoustics are better suited to a graduation ceremony than a basektball game. Hopefully Brey's promised remodeling of the JACC will put the students closer to the action, and removing them from their relegation zone behind one basket.

Of course, any argument that the JACC denies the Irish any home-court advantages can be easily countered by a Jim Rome 'scoreboard' defense - hard to argue with 31 straight at home. Maybe we can convince the powers-that-be that the Big East tourney and the first and second round NCAA games would be best played in scenic South Bend.

As capable as the ND students are at making noise and getting into games (reminded as I am of the two solid hours of pre-game '20...and one' chanting before a victory over Backup College), it doesn't come close to the atmosphere and intensity of big-time college basketball. On the plus side, ND still has a better mascot:



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