Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Study Break

Jesus tittyfu*#ing Christ, a lot has been posted in the last week and a half. Can't wait until after exams, that I may enjoy them at my leisure.

The Bills only win games when no one wants them to; if people in upstate NY must suffer, so does the rest of the nation. But blame future-Hall-of-Famer Joe Gibbs on that one...even Dick Jauron was aware of the prohibition on dual icings, and though Lindell knocked one down from 51 seconds earlier, 36 yards proved a bit more of a chip-shot.

I was also able to witness the 8-1 Sabres' thumping of Carolina, broadcast locally; not sure what was more satisfying, the constant stream of goals, or the two hours of talk-show whining I was subsequently able to enjoy.

T-Mac, I'm down for the purchase of the deuce-trey...though you may not need me, with the money that you and Brian "Look at Me, I Have Steady Income" Fallon so easily toss around on frivolous bets.

Which brings me to a brief legal analysis of the contract in question: all aspects of the agreement were valid; the condition requiring Mr. Heidkamp to pen an LA-lauding e-mail was a painful enough detriment to his person, and probably his very soul, as to constitute binding consideration on his part; there is some concern about the "approximately" as regards the financial incentives offered by Thomas and Brian, but in total I would say that a binding agreement was reached. Lesson: as always, don't mess with George when it comes to sports.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Mike D said...

So basically what you are saying is that the bet was full of valid statements? Gotcha.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger asuozzi said...

True. Or valid. Actually, not so much. Turns out that this deal would probably be classified as a "wager" as-is, and (without some crafty, rather convoluted rewriting), this probably would not be upheld. In the court of public opinion, however, I personally feel that this offer is as valid as it's going to get.


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