Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Simple Wager


In the midst of a Christmas gathering last night "heeeere in Chicago" (no pun intended regarding '06 PGA Championship montage), the following conditions were agreed to. Witnesses: T. McCall, B. Fallon, and G. Heidkamp (via telephone). Mr. Suozzi will be acquired in the near future and briefed on all conditions, in order that he observe the legal regulations and resolve any disputes in a manner consistent with the expectations of all parties.

In the late hours of the night of 12/1/07, the following conditions were agreed to:

Contention 1: Wager A

Fallon and McCall requested predictions of the final Top 10 BCS Rankings from Mr. Heidkamp. He provided them in a timely manner. See Appendix 1 for list.

Contention 2: Wager B

Correctly guess the 5 BCS Bowl Matchups. See Appendix 2 for list.

Contention 3: Retribution

To Mr. Heidkamp:

Mr. Heidkamp will be paid approximately US$2.00 for each team in the Top 10 he correctly guesses and approximately US$5.00 for each bowl matchup that is correct.

Note: Heidkamp must guess 3 of the 5 bowl matchups correctly, along with guessing at least 5 of the top 10, before any monies will be distributed.

To Mr. McCall/Mr. Fallon:

If Mr. Heidkamp does not correctly guess 3 of the 5 Bowl matchups and 5 of the top 10 teams, he pledges to do the following:

Write an e-mail that both:
1) explains why he picked incorrectly and
2) describes, in detail, the benefits of tourism and the joys of visiting the city of Los Angeles.

Appendix 1:

Top 10 (George's correct picks highlighted):

1. THE Ohio State University
2. Louisiana State
3. Virginia Tech
4. Georgia Oklahoma
5. Oklahoma Georgia
6. Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) Missouri
7. USC
8. Mizzou Kansas
9. Florida West Virginia
10. Hawaii

Appendix 2:

Bowl Matchups:

BCS Champ: LSU vs OSU
Rose: USC vs Illinois
Sugar: Hawaii vs UGA
Orange "Hillbilly" Bowl: VT vs WV Kansas (Miami goes for Rock Chalk instead of Hillbilly Bowl; smart choice I guess)
Fiesta Fiesta comin at ya from the Midwesta (aka bowl with most hot girls in attendance): OU vs ASU...West F&*KIN' Virginia

George's Post-Selection Analysis: (8:50 PM) Phew. Just made it into the safe zone, but I guess that's all that could be expected in this loony year of college football.

I confided to Thomas around 1 PM today a gut feeling that I had Kansas & Missouri in the right slots but the wrong order, and that proved correct  - KU fell to 8, the Tigers held at 6th. I was a little surprised Georgia & Oklahoma switched spots, since Georgia was so strong in the computer rankings (they ended in basically a dead heat with OU among the machines, but the human voters pushed the Sooners into the 3 spot, breaking the tie). Plus, as Bob Stoops reminded us no less than 28 times last night, OU played the #1 team in the country on a neutral field and beat them by 21, so I guess that should be enough to move them ahead of a team that hasn't played in two weeks and didn't win its own division of its own conference. The only real shock was West Virginia staying in the top 10 - shocking to me, at least. I figured the pollsters would follow the lead of the AP and really let a team that lost on its home field to a 4-7 squad coached by Dave Wannstedt have it, slipping the Mountaineers out of the top 10 and forcing the Orange Bowl to take pity on them, freeing up the Fiesta to take hometown favorites Arizona State. Didn't quite happen that way, as WVU clung to #9 in both polls, enough to stay in the overall Top 10. I guess the term "surprise" should be oxymoronic as applied to college football right now, since practically nothing went according to script this season. I thought I had a great chance at nailing all five bowls plus seven of the top 10, but at least I made it over the cut line. The alternative would've been having to suffer the writing of the most painful e-mail ever.

Brian, Thomas, that'll be $25 (out of a possible $45, that ain't bad).


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