Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Heart of Darkness

Look, I agreed to spend 2 years of sacrifice in the center of hated Cowboys country, I thought the one thing I would get is more NFC East games when it didn't conflict with the Cowgirls. Why the HELL am I getting Packers/Vikings, when the Eagles and Skins are playing now and the Cowboys/Giants misery isn't until 3:00?!?!

I just watched Ryan Grant run in from 30 yards ... while I usually enjoy ND players perform well, this has pissed me off to no end.

The 2007 year of football (from the Sugar Bowl, to the Eagles probably losing to the Cowboys in December in Dallas) will go down in history as the most miserable calendar of football ever.

EDIT: After the Pack opened up a 34-0 lead, FOX did in fact switch to the most entertaining game of the day. Of course, after the 2-minute warning, as Washington was down 8 and driving, FOX switched coverage to the Sewage Pile in North Jersey. I miss being quarantined in Bears country (Leyhane's asylum), down the hall from Colts country (Dr. Devitt's room).


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