Tuesday, November 20, 2007

F@#k Carolina!

In light of the recent Irish tackle football drubbing of my recently-adopted Blue Devils, treating them much as you would a red-headed stepchild (with apologies, Mr. Braun), I felt it an appropriate time to weigh in with my (albeit limited) sports-related observations from the semester. Though I cannot hope to match the eloquence of George, or the outright drunken hostility of Girouard, I will still attempt a good-faith effort to impart my opinion on the sports scene since my absence from campus.

FIRST, in regards to the wonderful Willinghamesque two-win Irish football season, let’s just say that watching the Irish this season has made the library look like a warm and welcoming alternative to the shipappings that have been more-than-vaguely reminiscent of our freshman year. Chuck Dubs is going to have to produce with his own recruits next year, or the trigger fingers will become awfully itchy on the 'fire' button in the administration. Hopefully this is just the calm before the storm, and Irish football will be back in force in the upcoming fall.

SECOND, speaking to the state of Buffalo sports: with the Bills stuck at .500, vying for a playoff spot for the right to be beaten by six touchdowns by the Patriots (for a third time), and with the Sabres moving from the Eastern Conference finals to the league’s basement, we will gently pass over the pain once again felt by those hailing from that oft-tortured region of the country.

THIRD, and most relevant to my position at the moment, Bill Raftery’s barely-intelligible screams of “take it to the tin” and “a little kiss!” recently ushered in a new year of college ‘ball, with all of the joys and Brey-related hostility that accompanies it. To avoid suspense, let it be known that I am now fully a fan of Duke basketball (Duke basketball, Notre Dame football…I might as well root for the Yankees and the Cowboys, and then kill myself).

In an effort to make all of the grad students bond in the name of 'Duke basketball', we were required to ‘camp out’ for a weekend in order to get tickets. Wish I could say it was memorable, but the beer was flowing like wine (though the women weren’t quite flocking, which, given the talent level here, probably wasn’t such a bad thing), and my subsequent memory of the two nights is patchy at best. Much beer pong was played…my many hours of training at the wel’ paid off, and rest assured, I have been upholding Notre Dame’s reputation down South.

After camping out for 48 hours with limited sleep, my ‘campout group’ of 11 people ended up winning 3 season-ticket booklets…and, thanks to a favorable pick in our distribution lottery and some clever wheeling and dealing, I ended up with a ticket to the Duke-UNC game…so around March, I will get to add another checkmark to my ‘sporting events I must attend before I die’ list. There's a shot that both teams could be good, and the ACC title may be on the line…I’ll let you know how that game goes; by all accounts, the atmosphere in Cameron is pretty decent. Duke looked fairly strong in a win over the I-L-L...I-N-I last night, and they have a good matchup in the finals tonight against Marquette, so we'll get to see if they're f'real. Interesting that Duke has taken the Mike Brey approach to building a team (namely, a bunch of white guys who jack up threes), except that Duke is actually, uh, good.

Sorry to those of you I haven’t talked much to this semester, I’ve been somewhat busy…I’ll be pulling a near-complete disappearing act from Thanksgiving until my last final December 14th…I’m hoping to do a bit of traveling between semesters, so with any luck, I’ll get to see some of you kids again soon.

Hope all’s well with everyone; go Irish, and go to hell Carolina.


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